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Confidence & Self-esteem Training

WEB offers a variety of social, emotional, health & wellbeing training including specific programmes to help boost confidence & self-esteem. We believe this important learning should be available to all and so we offer this training to both adults and children.

All courses are delivered by friendly staff to small groups of the same sex. All training is fun and informal and not like school or college. We deliver in fun ways and any literacy issues aren’t a problem. Everything we do is at your pace and you can do it your way with no pressure. There’s tea and coffee available and occasionally a scrummy cake!!

WEB Training Background & Experience:

All of WEB's training programmes have been designed and developed based on a range of coaching; NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques that support positive changes; and we take our inspiration from a range of 'life improvement' authors including:  Louise Hay, David Hamilton, Thick Nhat Hanh, Eckhart Tolle, Sonia Choquette, Tony Robbins, Florence Schovel Shim, to name but a few.  All of WEB's training facilitiators have been trained to use a range of therapeutic arts and craft techniques including pottery and sandplay and are trained to Cert Ed & Training Level 3 as an absolute minimum.

WEB is a fully trained and licensed provider of ‘Heal Your Life’ workshops: License Number:TEC201610183738, based on the works of Louise Hay-‘You Can Heal Your Life’.

WEB has had several independent evaluations of it’s training service from John Moore’s University.   The most recent research into the benefits of WEB’s Pathways 2M Powerment Programme completed by Bridle S. (2015) BA Criminology & Sociology found the following:

‘The findings of my research showed extremely positive results, both staff and volunteers and service users reported the positive impacts the programme had had for them with not much room for improvement’.


Upcoming Training Dates in 2020

Introduction to Confidence Building Training For Women

This is a basic introduction to confidence building tools and techniques. The course is designed for you to ‘dip your toe in the water’ of WEB Merseyside’s training provision without sharing too much of your own story. The course is delivered in a warm, friendly environment to small groups of 10 women maximum. You can meet new people, learn new things and have fun whilst learning practical tools and  techniques to boost your everyday happiness and learn how to self-care.  

The next course will run on the following dates from 10.30am-12.30pm:

Friday 28th February

Friday 6th March

Friday 13th March

Friday 20th March

Friday 27th March

Pathways 2M Powerment (Men and Women)

This is a more in-depth confidence building course and builds on the Introduction to Confidence course above. This course looks at all areas of your confidence and self-esteem. We look at learnt beliefs and how we change them as well as tools and techniques to help you to become happier and increase your overall wellbeing. Supports your overall health and well being; and provides a range of anger management, breathing and relaxation techniques that help you to cope with the daily life stresses and strains.  Men & women can access this training however we will only ever deliver to same sex groups. 

Course runs for for between 6 and 8 weeks,  usually 10:00am-14:30pm totalling a full 30 hour programme.

The next women's P2MP will run on the following dates:

Monday 27th January

Monday 3rd February

Monday 10th February

Monday 24th February

Monday 2nd March

Monday 9th March

Monday 16th March 

The next men's P2MP will run on the following dates:

Thursday 23rd January

Thursday 30th January

Thursday 6th February

Thursday 13th February
Thursday 20th February
Thursday 27th February
Thursday 5th March
Thursday 12th March 

Introduction to Confidence Building Training (for Women) and Pathways 2M Powerment (Men or Women) run periodically throughout the year, please call for more information.

Weekly Maintenance for the Mind Sessions: In conjunction with our partner Charity: MEN TOO

From mid July 2018 WEB will began facilitating a range of weekly therapeutic art/craft/short courses for men (average group sizes 5-10) to support men's physical/mental/emotional health and well-being.   As with all of WEB services-these sessions run via consultation with our male service users; according to group needs/requirements.   Activities range from mini confidence building sessions, to anxiety management, to pottery sessions, therapeutic art/sandplay and a wide range of art/craft sessions that support healthy maintenance for the mind, whilst also supporting you to build natural friendships in small group settings.  Once a month the men go on an outing.


In order to access any of these courses, you must first receive a one to one induction.  To access men's services, click here to complete a referral form, for  women's services, click here.  Once we have received a completed referral, we will make contact to arrange an induction.