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Men's Services

In recent years WEB has extended its services to Men & Boys. WEB’s Men’s Services operate from a separate centre located on Argyle Street, close to Hamilton Square Rail Station and Birkenhead Bus Station.  To access our services, please click here to complete a referral form or call 0151 653 3771.  Please note that our current  wait time for a welcome session is around 4-6 weeks from date of referral.

One-to-One Listening Support & Signposting

Talk to a trained member of staff or volunteer in confidence. We work with lots of partners within the local community, the council and health care services, and in addition to our own services, can often point you in the right direction to access advice and services from other organisations. 

One-to-One Therapeutic Counselling

One to one therapeutic services are delivered in a safe space.   All WEB’s counsellors are qualified; or are Final year Counselling Diploma students working towards their final year Diploma counselling hours. Counselling is delivered at our house located on Corporation Road.

Confidence and Self-Esteem Training - Pathways 2M Powerment (P2MP)

P2MP is our award winning  confidence and self-esteem  programme. This programme uses lots of art and play therapy techniques to allow you to explore things you choose to in a safe and enjoyable way. The course is designed to facilitate a safe space using story-telling, meditation and mindfulness to encourage you to be more loving and king to yourself so that you may lead a happier, more fulfilled life.  The course has been described as ‘transformational’ and ‘life changing.’ There is simply something about being in a small group of other men who are encouraging you to feel the   happiness you have always deserved. Call us to be added to the waiting list.

Weekly Maintenance for the Mind Sessions: In conjunction with our partner Charity: MEN TOO

From mid July 2018 WEB began facilitating a range of weekly therapeutic art/craft/short courses for men (average group sizes 5-10) to support their physical/mental/emotional health and well-being.   As with all of WEB services-these sessions are run via consultation with our male service users; according to group needs/requirements.   Activities range from mini confidence building sessions, to anxiety management, to pottery sessions, therapeutic art/sandplay and a wide range of art/craft sessions that support healthy maintenance for the mind, whilst also supporting you to build natural friendships  in small group settings. Once a month we also have an outing.  Our Mind Maintenance sessions take place at 32 Argyle Street, Birkenhead, CH41 6AE on Tuesdays 10am - 1pm and Wednesdays from 11am - 1pm.  For more information, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0151 653 3771.

Caring Dads

Men Too are now licensed practitioners in the new Caring Dads programme being rolled out across Wirral and are excited to offer it within our therapeutic environment.  

What is Caring Dads?

Caring Dads is a program designed to increase fathers’ awareness as to the wellbeing and safety of their children, build capacity for the application of child-centered fathering and promote respectful co-parenting with the children’s mother; often following a break down in their relationship. 

How Long is the Course? The Caring Dads course is a 34-hour program, which run once a week, for 11 weeks.  The group will be made up of between 8- 10 men maximum.

Please note that places are limited and so will be allocated on a first come first served basis, and you must be able to commit to all 11 sessions.

Important: This programme is available to men who voluntarily wish to take part in it.

If you would like a place on this programme – please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0151 653 3771 to complete a referral form.


The Who's in Charge Programme

WEB is a licenced ‘Who’s in Charge?’ facilitator.  Designed for parents who are struggling to manage their child’s aggressive and/or violent behaviour, this 9-week programme is designed to support parents by teaching tools and techniques of how to manage this difficult behaviour.  The programme has been split into 3 parts, the 1st part aims to change parental attitude, and in particular reduce blame, guilt and shame. The 2nd part explores the use of consequences to change unwanted behaviour and the 3rd supports parents to make changes within the home while working on a few advanced topics; anger; assertiveness; self-care.   For more information please phone 0151 653 3771 or click here to download and complete a referral form.

Trauma and Bereavement Training

Designed for both men and women who have experienced bereavement and loss through trauma related events.  The exploration and healing process will take place through ‘experiential’ programme of support using a mixture of therapeutic arts, sand play, music, poetry, and meditation.   This course focuses on the ‘healing of the trauma’ as opposed to ‘replaying the trauma’.     WEB’s Bereavement & Trauma workshops is accessible to all who have suffered bereavement and loss by violence, crime, and suicide related deaths and losses.   Also, individuals who may have been through the ‘trauma of being removed from their families and communities and who have been through the care system’ (we recognise some of those losses may also be through long term imprisonments).   At WEB, we recognise that the impact of trauma is devastating and far reaching, affecting individuals, whole families, and often the wider community.  This therapeutic and experiential workshop will work at the pace of each ‘individual’ as we realise each healing journey is unique to each individual.    This healing workshop will be facilitated by experienced and qualified counsellors who are trained in ‘working creatively with trauma’. 


" I was passed from pillar to post, trying lots of different mental health services before coming to WEB.   It has been WEB’s training which has helped me to help myself, WEB gave me the space and time, they also gave me the tools to help myself, it is down to me use what I have learnt from the training".