WEB Merseyside 176 Corporation Road, Birkenhead, Merseyside. CH41 8JQ
0151 653 3771

Mission, Vision & Aims


WEB is a community based service provider that supports women, men and children with complex needs who may be isolated, victimised, discriminated against, have low self-esteem and lack hope.  WEB offers these women, men and children the confidence to cope with life and the opportunity to become self-supportive, and to promote their personal growth and skills development.

We will do this by showing our service users care and respect, love and humanity in a non- judgemental and non-threatening environment, and by encouraging new ideas through sharing experiences and shared values.


Are to provide a high quality service to women, men and children which

  • Provides opportunities for people to explore personal choices to support their personal development
  • Provides the time and space and flexible support to help people regain confidence and self-esteem
  • Promotes opportunities for developing people’s personal skills to enable them to get more from their life

WEB’s Strategic Objectives

  • Maintain the unique atmosphere at the Centre through continued commitment to our values
  • Broaden the funding base to ensure financial stability and long term sustainability
  • Establish the Centre in appropriate bigger premises
  • Maintain a range of services and activities that support the Centre’s mission statement and aims
  • Continue to build links and work in partnership with any organisation that supports our mission statement and aims